November 28, 2009

What's hanging at Murrayfield?

Murrayfield Ice Rink, in the scenic mountain scenery of West End Edinburgh!

The rink is dominated by this large flag. It is a representation of the arms of the City of Edinburgh!

Then there's the clock. This came from the old Haymarket Ice Rink and probably dates from around 1912. It was saved by Ronnie Malcolm, former manager of the Murrayfield rink. It has to be wound up by hand by a member of staff every three days or so! Keeps good time too.

And here is the aforementioned Ronnie, coping with the aftermath of a Water of Leith flood which inundated the rink!

Did you know the Murrayfield rink is the busiest in Scotland?

And this is what we do to famous Scottish curlers. L-R: WK Jackson (Olympic gold medallist, 1924), Mark Sanderson, Gilbert McClung.

And then there are the commentators. Keith MacLennan and Edith Loudon. These are not bronze. Find the webcast link here.

Pics by Bob

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