November 28, 2009

Latvian adventurers

I've had a couple of emails from friends we made on our Latvian adventures with the Reform Club recently, so here is a Black Balsam toast to the Gulbis team at the Edinburgh International Curling Championship. Team of the Day! Above, Ainars Gulbis and Normunds Sarsunds.

Aivars Avotins plays lead.

Normunds Sarsuns, the second

Ainars Gulbis, third

Ritvars Gulbis

Quiet and well spoken!

Cheers! I'll have blackcurrant with mine.

For the record, the Latvians have had a rough time and are winless in three games. But it's all good practice for them on their way to the Le Gruyere European Championships next week.

Pics by Bob

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