November 28, 2009

Saturday morning

Good morning, and an apology for the lateness of the post. No, I didn't sleep in. There's just been a few hiccups on the connection front. Anyway, thanks to Alex Mitchell who came to the rescue, the blog is now connected to the world again.

It was the third game for the Peter Loudon team, and they won this morning. So they are the only undefeated team in Section D. All the results and standings are here.

Here Pete sorts out Colin Campbell and Richard Woods!

Tom Brewster's side are undefeated in Section C.

Here they are in action, Duncan Fernie and David Edwards work on Tom's stone.

Italian sweeping power!

But the Scots were too strong for the Joel Retornaz's side, just.

Andy Kapp's team are also undefeated in Section C after three games.

More to come.

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