November 29, 2009


Sunday morning at the Edinburgh International Championship. David Murdoch's side got past Lee McLeary's team in the quarters, just! Murdoch had to cut the edge of the four foot with last stone of the game and he was perfectly played.

Find all the linescores here.

David Smith skips the Warwick Smith team, and plays third stones.

Here's the Smith side in action against David Sik's team in the quarters.

It was just not to be for the Sik team. Nothing went right. The Czechs failed to take their chances, then had a pick up when trying to tap back for a five, and are heading home early!

Pete Loudon

Richard Woods and Colin Campbell work on Pete's stone as they work to a win over the defending champions.

Here's Pete again.

And Andy Kapp's popular team is out!

Tom Brewster. The Brewster side got past Ross Paterson in the quarters.

Here's Ross.

Loudon v Smith
Brewster v Murdoch

Pics by Bob

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