November 28, 2009

Saturday.... where are we?

All four sections have one more game to play, and who's going to qualify is becoming clearer.

In Section A, David Murdoch's side remain undefeated and are safely through to the semifinals. David Sik (one loss), and Iain Watt (two losses) are still in contention. See the standings here. Murdoch plays Sik, and Watt plays Glen Muirhead in the final round.

Section B has Warwick Smith undefeated. Lee McCleary (one loss) and Andrey Drosdov (two losses) are still in contention. McLeary plays Thomas Dufour, and Smith is against Drosdov.

In Section C Tom Brewster's team is undefeated. Andy Kapp has lost one game. John Jo Kenny and Colin Hamilton are not out of it, even with two losses. Hamilton plays Brewster, Kenny plays Kapp (this is really the key game).

Section D has Peter Loudon's team at the top, undefeated. Sebastian Robillard's team have lost one game. Tomi Rantamaki and Philip Wilson are on two wins. Loudon plays Rantamaki, Wilson plays Robillard.

Top pic is of Colin Hamilton

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