November 29, 2009

Faces of McCleary

"I've no fingernails left!"

Lee McCleary skipped his team in the quarters, and just lost out to Team Murdoch. Good show. He's the blog's 'Curler of the Day'!

"I wonder."

"Now if you had just got it around there, Robbie."

"I'm keeping my fingers off the ice!"

"I just canna look at you anymore, Robbie."

In serious mode.

"My head hurts, Robbie."

"It's a problem with a molar at the back."

"I'll just do a wee Ricky Gervais impression."

"Having been sacked by my team, I'll have a try at a new profession!" Robin Copland and Lee McCleary commentate on the Murdoch - Brewster semifinal.

Photos by Bob

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