November 26, 2010

Through the lens on Friday afternoon

All the results and standings are here. Alan Smith and Iain Watt are doing the thinking in this pic!

A warm welcome to Andrey Drozdov's Russian team. That's Andrey above, against David Murdoch. Having lost his first game to Keith Prentice, Team Murdoch need to win this one, and they did, David having a cold draw with his last.

Here's the hard-working Murdoch front end, Ross Hepburn and Glen Muirhead, doing what hard-working front ends have to do!

Team Joss. The Hollies had the caption for this one, see here.

"OK, skip. Which brush do you want me to aim for?" Sandy Reid.

Richard Woods doing a good grey seal impersonation!

And here's his skip, Duncan Fernie, in their game against England's Jamie Malton.

It's quite hard to get a clean caption for this one. Gavin Fleming gets down for a look through Ewan MacDonald's legs!

Here's Ewan.

"Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me." Keith Prentice. Having been the giant killer in the first round this morning, when they beat Team Murdoch, the Prentice team gave up two against the head to lose to Sandy Reid in their second game.

Welcome to Edinburgh to the Hungarian team, skipped by Gyorgy Nagy, above.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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