November 26, 2010

First shots from Murrayfield

Craig Reid, Scott Hamilton (skip), David Mundell and David Reid discuss options in a tricky last end against Logan Gray's side. They had last stone and needed two. With the hammer, Scott made a perfect draw to count a second and the win. You can find all the scores and standings here. There are four sections of six teams.

Here's Logan.

I don't think this pic is out of focus at all. This is team John Hamilton. Not Loudmouth these, but from another company - Wackpants - check them out here.

Hammy McMillan and his team of David Smith, Ross Paterson and Sandy Gilmour are having their last competitive outing before the Europeans, and they had the measure of Paul Stevenson's team this morning.

Hammy and David Smith watch as Dillan Perras calls line on his skip's shot.

There are five foreign teams in the draw this year, plus two English sides. This is Finnish skip Aku Kauste. Other visitors from Europe include Andrey Drozdov's Russians, Marco Pascale's Italians, David Sik's Czech Republic side, and Gyorgy Nagy's Hungarians.

Pics © Skip Cottage

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