November 27, 2010

Sections C and D

Hammy McMillan was top of Section C and was qualified even before the final section game. He defeated the Finnish visitors to put them out of contention. The league tables are here.

Graham Shaw beat Paul Stevenson to move to three points. And it looked for a long while as if that was it all sorted, John Hamilton's team trailing behind Andrew Reed's English. That's the two skips in the pic above. But Team Hamilton rallied in the seventh, engineered a big four-end, and tied the score going up the eighth. Reed was not going to give in though, and put his last brick right on the button. John Hamilton's four were out. McMillan and Shaw were the two teams through from Section C.

In section D, the Czech side, skipped by David Sik, beat Tom Brewster's four to put them out the competition. Sik then was on three points.

Alan Chalmers, the only team on three points before the final game, had an open hit for a three with his last stone to put his team clear on top of the pile. He edged the Scott Hamilton shot away, rolled out, removing one of his own second counters on the way. His single shot tied the game, and it was down an extra end. Scott had a hit on the nose for the game, and this he made. Both Scott Hamilton and Alan Chalmers then were on three points too!

Over on Sheet 4, Logan Gray, out of contention, played out a tied game against Lee McLeary, and that game was into a ninth end. Lee had the full house to draw to with his last and he had no difficulty with that. Team McLeary, three points.

So, four teams on three points. How to get to two? Two short four-end tiebreakers. McLeary v Sik, and Chalmers v Scott Hamilton again.

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