November 26, 2011

Saturday at Murrayfield

Murrayfield, Edinburgh International Championship, Day 2. The main website for results and link to live webcasts is here.

Bob Kelly has contributed these photos for today's blog post.

Team Ulsrud

Captions invited for this photo of the Norwegians!

Tom Brewster!

The others in the Tom Brewster team. Scott Andrews delivers. Michael Goodfellow and Greg Drummond are the sweepers.

"Hey guys, it's over here!" The Lee McCleary team.

Logan Gray delivers, with Steven Mitchell and Sandy Gilmour his sweepers.

Logan contemplates what might have been!

Paul Stevenson needing a hug!

Moray Combe

Joel Retornaz, Italy.

Tom Brewster is in the head in his game against the Italians.

David Hay

David Murdoch

Captions by Bob Cowan. Photos by Bob Kelly!

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